How to Make a Hydroponic Home Garden

Hydroponic home garden can be defined as under gardening soil. Plants are rooted in the material substrate and fed one liquid nutrient solution. Growing plants in a hydroponic garden house offers many benefits.

Since the growth medium is no less soil weeds and some problems of diseases or pests. According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, gardeners can grow plants of vegetables throughout the year using hydroponic methods. The hydroponic gardens are also small enough to be used in apartments or small spaces in your home.

The first step in making a simple hydroponic garden is to make the container. The vessel containing the plant material and the substrate is a plastic bag 23 inches long and 16 inches wide. Use a drill with the five-eighths-inch drill bit to drill a hole in the bag. The hole should be about a half inch from the bottom edge of the pouch in the center.

Place one end of the drain hose through the rubber washer, then it protrudes about one-half inch beyond the end of the washer. The nutrient solution will drain through the hose.

Insert the washer the hole made at the end of the bag. The end of the hose is just inside of the pot to allow the liquid to drain out nutrients easily.

Place the bag on a table or elevated surface and place the bucket to catch the nutrient solution drainage in the soil underneath it. Place the end of the hose leak into the hub.

Place the brick on Tote, with the side of the drain. Fill the bag with vermiculite, leaving about two inches above the green light.

Mix the nutrient solution according to the directions on the package. You can use a watering can, pour the solution in your hydroponic garden. According to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service you need to feed your plants about three times a day and you can reuse the drainage solution in the bucket for 10-14 days.

Plant your garden. DIY hydroponics recommended to thoroughly wash the soil from the roots first, the use of nursery plants. Dig a hole in the vermiculite, which is large enough to hold the roots, gently into the plant and vermiculite package around the plant to the same height, if you use regular soil pots.

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