Ideas for a fun bathroom for children

We will end the week with some ideas, colorful to decorate the fun bathroom for children. A place where you like to spend time enjoying the bath, for example; so and because we love to think of the smallest of the house will these proposals will serve to give a very cool air to the room through the use of colors and patterns. It should always be a safe and comfortable room for them.

Comfortable and affordable furniture

A children’s swimming should consist of furniture that are easily accessible to children , who can use them comfortably and safely, so you can bet on sinks placed at their height or small steps to help them reach of the elderly, for example.


Colors play a key role when decorate fun bathroom for children. You can enter pastel shades or other more lively, with a predominant color or several that combines well with each other. And you can add any item in the room, towels, carpets, decorative objects or toys that you save for when bath time comes.

Smooth surfaces

Place smooth and easy to clean furniture, for although we are thinking about decorating for them you have to also keep in mind that you’ll play clean you … Avoid wood, which is more susceptible to the effects of water, and test the PVC or plastic, because with the smallest house here wandering sure water there is always plenty everywhere … Pon, also, non – slip mats in the bathtub or shower and when they leave it, to avoid slipping or falling.


Place mirrors, also at its height, so they can be, combing hair, learn to brush their teeth … They love!


So that your child is comfortable in the bathroom will touch customize it to the fullest? By this I mean that you can put some animated sticker of your favorite drawing in the drawer of her things or even change the bowl to make it fun for him.


Here we also have a lot of possibilities, and we can look for a curtain with pictures of their favorite characters or a theme that evokes that he likes your son, yes; they are large and cover the entire surface of the bathtub because we know that during bathing anything can happen…

The walls

Another element that can play decoratively speaking is the walls. I love these two proposals that you see below. You can make a drawing marvel through the tiles or also place some decorative vinyl with the reason that you like your child, whether animals, princesses, pirates, cars or planets.

The order

Place shelves colors or neutral colors and boxes, for example, so they can keep their things there and keep tidy bathroom. They owed to its height so they can access them easily.

Decorating ideas for the bathroom of the smallest

Now, in the gallery, you’ll see several ideas on how to decorate the bathroom thinking of the smallest of the house. Sometimes you only have a small detail to give that special touch, sometimes you can play with bigger elements on the walls or furniture … But see how so funny and cute get give it a very cool air to this room.

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