Types of bars for the shower curtain

Shower curtains can be very decorative. In addition to fulfilling its role in protecting both privacy and non soak the entire bathroom, we can opt for placing some original and different personality to fill the bathroom.

But what about the bars that holds? They can be put in two ways: screwed or affixed to pressure. Today we know the kinds of shower curtain rods that exist and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

A pressure or fixed

The horizontal bars which are anchored to the wall with screws are more resistant and can be placed in a corner and you do not need to have two facing walls to exert pressure other rod, which is extensible and is held by the pressure between these two walls. It is very easy to install and are cheaper.

Bars pressure tension curtains

As I mention, the bars are subjected to pressure between two walls are extensible, they are formed by two bars, one inside the other, that can extend or shrink depending on the space you have available between wall and wall to hang the curtain.

An inner system fixed in the precise position so that they are subject. Its advantages are ease of installation, low price and give you the option to put on and remove when you want. You have to be careful with the weight (the curtains do not weigh much, but avoid strong pulls paste or hang things on the bar) as they are not as sturdy as fixed.

Screwed bars

The other type of fixing the shower curtain rods is a system mounted to the wall. In this case, it is not necessary that the bathroom is fitted with two facing walls or two surfaces on which to place the bar under pressure, because if the shower is in the corner will be the most suitable system, with an elbow to save the curve and with the ends bolted on the walls corresponding to the corner. They are more stable and secure setting because it is much more resistant to pulls or weight.

Fixed bars adapt to space

The bolted bars usually have a standard measure but can cut if space is less than or place a stent if it is larger. Do not worry if the cut is not too clean for the support you have to screw to the wall is going to completely cover. Put them with a level so they are always straight.

With extensible can play until you get it fixed but you cannot change it. If the bar does have to put bend and elbow for rotation maybe you need an extra hold to remain stable, as a chain or rope to the ceiling to hold that part.

The height of the bar

When installing the bar do not put too high, since the closer the ceiling will be more moisture and temperature. More or less leaves about 20 centimeters apart and put it so that the bottom of the curtain does not directly touch the ground so that no moisture buildup in this area.

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