Tips to keep the house warm in winter

We are on the threshold of winter, and that means that every day is getting colder, which in turn causes us to spend more time at home to feel warm and comfortable. It is very important that our home is warm, or at least one with which not spend nice cold temperature. This can be achieved in several ways, mainly with heaters.

Anyway, even if we have such equipment it is not easy to keep warm as they constantly do things that help is being lost. If we practice a few tricks, we get a warmer atmosphere will be great for us more comfortable.

How to take advantage of more heat?

– Rooms: closed rooms do not use, and avoid cold air to move through the house. In addition, it will help keep the heat generated is longer.

– Fan: Use a ceiling fan at a lower speed than the one you use in summer. This will distribute warm air throughout the room.

– Curtains: thin curtains changes the summer by others in thicker tissues and to provide heat like flannel, which makes the heat remain longer in this room.

– Carpet: no doubt that is one of the best solutions to keep a hot stay as isolated and protected from the cold ground being, retain heat better. They are also a perfect decorative element that add color, style and personality to any room.

– Foil: a great place to get more out of the radiators and thus not lose much money and use the heat to go trick. Place aluminum foil behind radiators and heat to get better and keep not leak through the walls.

– Extraction: exhaust fans that we usually have in the bathroom or kitchen should not be used much in winter as hot swallowed. Use them as essential.

-Rearrange the furniture, although it seems that does not affect the distribution of the furniture is very much the time to seize more or less heat. Especially important is the location of the sofa or bed, avoiding walls where the windows are down or give directly to the street, and that comes more moisture and cold.

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